Monday, May 26, 2008

Day 3 Wrap-up

It's almost 3am, about 15 hours until the end of Fanime...wahhhh!!!

I'm currently uploading photos and videos onto my computer, but will not be up until late Monday/Tuesday.

There was a great reception at the Hentai Room tonight - enough to pull me out of the Yaoi Room and into the WINCEST that we all witnessed. Also, I've had it with these mother**bleep**ing pevs on this mother**bleep**ing train!

Pushed 810HP on WMMT...yay!

Um...there's also the fact that my Sunday photoshoot, Winter Wish Photography, did not show up at all! I was in the Lobby, like it said, and I was looking for the man in the overcoat, just like the picture! I hope they didn't mean the other side of the reg line near the Hilton, because that's a different area than the one they described. I kept calling out their name, asking everyone in the area if they have seen them! Oh well, I got in my other two this weekend which are going to look sweet!

Tomorrow is the last day, but there's still the Ouran Gathering, the Forum Panel, and Closing Ceremonies, not to mention Dealer Monday!

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