Friday, May 30, 2008

Final Con Report: Sunday

Sunday started the same time as Saturday - 8am, despite the fact I slept at 3:30am. On this morning - I found myself in a familar place: the Starbucks on the Hilton side of the convention center. Last year, I was here twice during breakfast with their Strawberries and Cream Frappuccino and Coffee Cake. But today I had a Grande White Mocha, extra shot, and a muffin.

After changing back into my FMA uniform, I head over to my first panel of the whole convention: the "Your Anime Sucks" panel at 11am. Since I had time to burn, I paid a visit to Dan Southworth, one of the Guests of Honor, who was watching the Indy 500 on the bar TV. I stick with him for a bit before leaving for the panel. Needless to say, for the short time that I was there because my photoshoot was at 11:30, I had a blast!

I head back to the center of the convention center, and I wait...and wait...and wait. I ask everyone, and I pace back and fourth. Eventually, I gave up and went to the Dealers Room.

Later in the day, I went to Jack-in-the-Box, driving of course, with my friend Tom. We get back up to the room, I eat my lunch, and prepare to head down to the "How Become A Become A Host" panel. I would show up late, though, because of the charity auction. I did this last year, and I got a lot of mechandise for cheap.

With me dressed in my Ouran uniform hauling a giant cake, I wait around to see if I would win some An Cafe tickets and/or tickets to their autograph session on Monday and/or tickets to meet GAINAX over at the Fairmont. I won nothing, but once the charity auction started, I won myself some nice Gundam merchandise. However, the Perfect Grade Wing Zero Custom, an item that has eluded me for 8 years, did once again by $50, a $200 bid against my $150.

Through some deals that I made with an attendee, I was able to head over to the Fairmont, looking very nice in a dress shirt and tie (no Ouran jacket for me) to go check out the GAINAX Reception. Mostly everyone who worked on TTGL was at that reception, and none of them spoke English, which was a good thing in my book. My goal was to get as many autographs on the program guide that I had, and for the most part, I did - except for two, who had lines going for sketches that they were doing. That same program guide is now framed and on my wall displayed nicely. Honestly, I would pay $50 just to see GAINAX alone - this was so worth the price of admission.

Sunday night featured a Game Show on Stage Zero, more arcade games, and a night in the Hentai Room next to a couple of Persona 3 cosplayers. The room featured wincest and pervs on a train, which got me to say "I've had it with these mother**bleep**ing pervs on this mother**bleep**ing train!"

Despite Monday being the last day of Fanime, I still had things to do...

Part 4: Monday - up next!

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