Friday, May 30, 2008

Final Con Report: Monday

Ah, Monday, the final day of Fanime.

To beat everyone out of gate to check out, we decide to check out early, very early - like 9am early. Everything is packed, stored in the car that's still in Vallet, and the feeling that we didn't have to wait long to check out.

I found out yesterday at the Hilton resturant had a brunch, so we went despite staying at the Marriott. While some people got to eat there for free because they stayed there, we had to pay, but hey I'd rather take half off Vallet and free internet for the whole weekend over one meal.

We split up for the last time before we have to leave. I head over the Ouran Gathering, holding that cake that the Masquerade group didn't use. For a Monday gathering, there were a lot of us. I got some very nice pictures, most of them already uploaded.

I then head over to the second and final panel that I would attend - the Forums Panel. Though that panel, I was able to learn the history of the fourms, various forum meetups, and much, much, much more - too much, in fact.

But somewhere during this panel, I fell asleep. I knew that this was a bad thing, so the quicker I can get home safely, the better. If I would of left after end of the con, which would of been 5pm-6pm, I would of been home around 9pm; and on the energy that was left, that would be a bad thing. So to drive while there is still ample daylight would be the best option even if that meant leaving the con early.

So after going to "Dealer Monday" (meaning last day sales and bargains) and finding nothing, I throw in the towel. I'm done here at Fanime, time to call it a weekend and head back home.

I drop off my friend in San Rafael, and I make it back safely to Sacramento with ample daylight to spare. I make stops in Fairfield for gas, and Vacaville to eat (and to pick up the frame for the program guide since it was close enough).

After four days of Fanime, it was back to the normal life for me.

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