Saturday, May 31, 2008

More Masquerade Thoughts

I've already mentioned #13, the Baccano! group with Triller/Motteke! Sērāfuku -

- and #30, Marvel Vs. Capcom -

...but there are a few others that I haven't mentioned yet.

#3 - OH!smeCK, the brainchild behind last year's sensation "Ouran Gay Bar," breaks out the Wonderland episode for some dancing, and a double "awwwwwwww" moment when Haruhi and her mom reunite (SPOILERS: It's all a dream...). Of course, they had to break out the "Gay Bar" sound clip, just letting the audience know who they are.

I really don't know how this happened, but #15, the Slayers skit, actually won Best In Show. I was hoping that either #13 or #30 would win it, but hey with costumes like that and a varation of a favorite song, you might as well.

#19 - I have to throw in some props to the lady who did this stand-up routine, throwing in some political commentary. Very nice.

And finally, we have #46, Candy Mountain Cosplay, the folks behind "Riku's Journey to Candy Mountain," to round out the Masquerade. And what couldn't be better than some stripping? Could we ask for a better ending than this?

I'll also run down the awards that were given:

Best of Show: #15, Slayers Mayhem

Junior/Youth Achievement: Walk-on #5: Twilight Maiden

Craftsmanship Awards:
Best of Division: Advanced Craftsmanship, Group: #25 Goddess Academy Cosplay
Best of Division: Advanced Craftsmanship, Individual: Walk-on #4 Trow
Best of Division: Craftsmanship, Group: #24 Twilight Party Cosplay
Best of Division: Craftsmanship, Individual: #16 Three Dollar Laugh Cosplay
Design Award: #31 Rikku Winter from Ninja Shank
Judges’ Award: #11 Paper Hearts
Judges’ Award: #14 hanabee
Honorable Mention Group: #17 Pokemons of Chaos
Honorable Mention individual: #22 Zuko from Gomu Gomu Cosplay and Sakura Mochi

Performance Awards:
Best of Division: Performance, Group: #13 Minna no Nur-Puppy
Best of Division: Peformance, Individual: #5 Angelic Threads Cosplay
Best Dramatic Skit: #10 TakeriyaSamurai
Best Comedic Skit: #30 Maximum Pwnage
Best Chreography: #38 Ex Dee Lollerplay!!!
Judges’ Award: #42 DN Cosplay Task Force
Judges’ Award: #7 OMG5 Productions
Honorable Mention, Group: #3 OH!smeCK
Honorable Mention, Individual: #34 Devil May Cosplay

Everyone who I thought should of won an award did, as well as some major suprises. Overall, the Masquerade was alright. Could of been better, but at least everyone who did good won something.

And just for the heck of it...

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