Monday, May 26, 2008

Day 4 Wrap-up & Finally Home

I'm finally home. After a long drive back home (which I will post in a different section), I'm finally back in my hometown safe and sound. Once everything goes through, I will start uploading everything and giving my final report. I also plan to do a full anaylsis of the Masquerade skit I was in.

I had somewhat of a bad feeling when I fell asleep during the Forum Panel, when my body was sprawled out on the chairs, relaxing as I listened to stories about the Forums and all the gatherings that have occured during the years. I do wish I were at more of these gatherings, but due to the fact I live in Sacramento and holding a job it makes things a bit more tougher.

That, was after the Ouran Gathering which was really sweet. I finally got that cake off my the trash.

Since I didn't want to catch any incoming Memorial Day traffic and I wanted to ensure that I get home before the sun starts setting, me and my friend left the con after scanning the Dealers Room for Monday deals. I didn't find any.

We had already checked out and everything was stored in the car. All I needed to do was call up the Vallet, and we're going home!

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