Friday, May 30, 2008

Final Con Report: Saturday

Like the day before, Saturday would start real early for me - about 8am. My friend Tom treats me to a McDonalds breakfast, but I'm not walking! Hello Vallet parking with In-and-out privileges!

After that, I get ready for the FMA Gathering. I head down shortly before it starts, camera and all. It's a very nice gathering, and there are some nice pictures that were taken. Very very nice.

During this time, I am trying to get ahold of Jessica, the one who is coordinating the Ouran Masquerade skit that I was in. I finally get ahold of her, and I get what I need to get into the Masquerade. They told me to meet them at a certain spot to rehearse the skit, so I went off waiting for that time.

By then, I decide to hit up a big lunch before the long haul through the Masquerade. So I hit up Peggy Sue's for a nice Philly Cheeesesteak and a milkshake. My god, it was good! I also made stop at the Civic Auditorium to see how big the stage and everything else was set. I must say, the room was a lot smaller than I thought.

But somewhere, I had a photoshoot at 1:30pm. Luckly, I caught the notice in my head on time, changed, and performed the shoot. There is something that I did at the end of the shoot, but I will not mention for now.

I wait out my group's arrival by watching some TTGL in one of the video rooms. Once they arrived, we quickly go into the skit, working on motions and timing. It didn't take long, and they needed to go back to change, much like I needed to do.

I go back up to the room, change into my Ouran outfit, and head to the Masquerade. On my way there, I notice a huge crowd gathered at the front of the convention center; apparently, there were two religious protestors that came, and well you know the rest of the story.

5pm - my group hasn't showed up yet, so for now I would vouch for them. The people behind the Masquerade talk to us, give us some pointers, and then we are seated in order of the skits. It didn't take long for them to show up, and we went through the skit a number of times, making sure we had everything down. Meanwhile, the beginning of the Masquerade was awesome! If you were there, you were surely to be impressed! However, once the actual skits started, it sort of went downhill from there, especially when the skits have one too many Hare Hare Yukais, or any sort of dancing whatsoever. The only bright exception to this was #13, who pulled off Triller/Lucky Star OP perfectly!

Soon, it would be time for us to perform. Honestly, I'm nervous as hell. But once we got up there, I acted my butt off, even though my vocal timing was way off. Overall, we didn't do too bad, but it could of been better.

After the end, I take back the cake that we didn't use back up to the room. I decide to round out the night again at the arcade, but to also check out some of the very awesome speedruns that were going on. Come on, beating Super Mario 64 with all 120 stars in an hour and a half? No stars in 6 minutes? I've seen my share of speedruns, but with a crowd cheering at every glitch is something you can't get anywhere else.

I get to bed 3:30am without realizing it's only Sunday...

Part 3: Sunday - up next!

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