Wednesday, May 27, 2009

FanimeCon 2009 Report: Part 2 - Friday

Day 1 started out in Sacramento in 5am in the morning. Yes, 5am in the morning. Since I had to pick up my roommate in San Rafael and we wanted to both be down there early, I figured to wake up around this time. I left the house sometime before 5:30am-ish, and arrived in Cordelia (outside of Fairfield, where the 80-680 interchange is) to get gas and stop by Jack-in-the-Box for breakfast around 6:30am.

It wasn't long before I arrived in San Rafael, and we were on our way to San Jose and Fanime. Despite it being a Friday before a 3-day weekend, traffic down the 80 and 880 was surprisingly light. With this, we arrived at the San Jose Marriott before 9am. The first thing I did was go pick up my badge. The line wasn't too long, and before long I received my badge. The second thing I did was go and find out if I could check into the hotel...and success, I did! I was on the 11th floor, 6 more than last year (I think). As we got situated in the hotel room, I got the internet established, did a ice run for all the drinks that I brought with me, and caught up on the NBA playoffs via ESPN before heading down to the con around 10am.

By now, it was still light. Friday is really not a busy day, at least for those who are already here. There were gatherings and events to be held, but that won't be until later in the afternoon and into the evening. So what's the only thing open around 10am on Friday? e-Gaming and the arcade. So I sit down and play some Maxi Tune 3, and thank god for having my original card in addition to the (more superior) MT3DX card I had.

With nothing going on, I decided to rest for an hour and watch more ESPN. Eventually I went back down to go chill at Stage Zero. I knew I would visit here more often.

Around 1:30pm, I went to Jack-in-the-Box (again) to pick something up to eat before the Ouran High School Host Club gathering at 3pm. I got back in time to watch Around The Horn, which included the quickest elimination in the history of the show and the Hoff Roll, which prompted me to retweet and Hoff Roll the convention via Twitter.

I go back down to the con around 2:30pm, just in time to see other Ouran cosplayers gathering near the fountains in the front of the convention center. I also see Taiko Drummers setting up at the same place - which meant that the Ouran gathering and Opening Ceremonies would take place at the same time. No worries though, we had our own little spot on the Hilton side of the fountains, and from there we had pictures and games; I won at the "Guess which twin is which" without even thinking about it - all I did was point, guess, and walked off. And somehow I got it right!

By 4pm Dealers Hall had opened up, so I make my Friday scout run to see what's out there. By that point, I didn't spot much. So, back to the arcade.

At 5pm, I decide to open up the Twitter giveaway contest that I planned to do. I twittered "First one to find me at the Maximum Tune 3 machine gets $5 in quarters and a special gift!" twice before waiting nearly an hour. Eventually Tom from Traveling Valentine claims the $5 in quarters and a Present Card for MT3DX (that was the "special gift"). I can finally sigh in relief because actually someone responded!

As the evening grew on, I stopped by Stage Zero, won a prize during the evening game show, and looked around to see what was available at the swap meet. By now I'm hungry, so I make a late-night McDonalds run. I only had one thing, a Double Quarter Pounder w/ Cheese, alongside a Rockstar, which prompted me to Twitter "= woah."

11pm rolls along, and I'm waiting on the start of the AVGN (Angry Video Game Nerd) marathon in the video rooms on the Marriott side of the convention center in an hour. There's also the hentai showings at midnight, so I had plans to attend that too in between.

It's one thing to watch AVGN on the computer, but having people laughing alongside you and dancing to the music of Battletoads while watching it on a big screen is something that few will experience, so to take the opportunity to gain that experience is, well, nice...very nice.

Of course, I do have to stop by the hentai room, and by the time I came in I caught the end of the 3D animated porn. The crowd had enough of the 3D tenticle rape porn, and wanted some real 2D hentai. So I stayed around for an episode, and encountered many hand checks.

Realizing that I have Saturday and Sunday to go (which are the important days), I call it quits around 2am. After getting pictures uploaded and blogging, I crash around 3am, only to wake up around 7am...

-Day 1 End-

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