Thursday, May 28, 2009

FanimeCon 2009 Report: Part 4 - Sunday

Like I said before, I've made it a tradition to make the yearly trip down to FanimeCon. I've also made it a tradition to buy Starbucks, the one that's located on the Hilton side of the convention center. After all, it's nice to have a White Mocha extra shot with a muffin on the most important day of Fanime - Sunday.

I take my White Mocha extra and muffin to Stage Zero, where more fun programming is taking place, featuring the "Rap Chop" video.

I stick around for a bit before going outside to take some outside shots.

It's just after 10am, and the Indy 500 is about to get started. I go inside the Hilton, which is beautiful after the renovation, and sit down for bit.

I take the stairs up to the Dealers Hall and the Gaming Hall, where I look around for a bit and play more games.

I find a bit later that I'm having a snag with the internet connection, so I have to go back up the room and get that fixed. By then, it's almost 12pm, and there's a lot of things to do outside, including the Bleach gathering and the Code Geass gathering.

Somehow, I get involved in the Code Geass vs Cosplayers Cosplay Chess at 12:30pm. I'm hoping that this game will go quick because I have to go back to the Dealers Hall around 2pm to ensure that my bid for the Yamaga-san tickets is safe. And somehow, I became the King on the White Cosplayers side.

Eventually there is a checkmate on the board - and I seriously don't know how it happened - but that gave me the opportunity to kill the King on the other side, which ironically was Lelouch, so I got to kill Lelouch.

I go back to Dealers Hall in time to camp out and make sure that my bid is protected. Then I find out that all of them will continue on to the live auction at 4pm. At first I was mad, but eventually you'll see when I get all happy.

Time for Day 3 of the Twitter giveaway! For today, I chose Artist Alley and the lady who does the chibi badges, you know the ones that I always get. After getting mine, I twitter telling the masses that the first person to find me at her booth would win a free commissioned drawing of yourself. After waiting for a bit, I realized I need to get ready for both my photoshoot and the Charity Auction, so I gave her instructions on how this prize should be claimed. Apparently, the minute after I left someone did claim it. But I'll leave that story for the Monday portion of the report.

After grabbing a rice bowl, I head down to Stage Zero waiting on the Charity Auction. I come to find out that the bid I had put down for the Yamaga-san tickets was protected, so I paid and received my invitation to the event. HOLY CRAP, I'm going to Yamaga-san's Party. HELL YES.

I also put a bid down for a autographed FanimeCon 15th Anniversary Art Book with exclusive sketches, which went for $100. I was the only one who put a bid down for the book, and I won easily.

By the time I was done with the Charity Auction, I was ready for my only photoshoot of the con. Unfortunately there were some minor snags, but everything was sorted out and in the end everything came out well. Thanks for for doing my photoshoot this year.

With the Yamaga-san Party an hour away, I decide to change into the FanimeCon 2009 t-shirt that I bought yesterday to wear to the party - screw going formal.

When I arrived at the Fairmont to attend the party, I realized that the Black and White Ball was about to get underway.

I wanted to take pictures inside since I'm a blogger, but since I wasn't in the dress code I wasn't allowed in. Damn.

Anyways, I went ahead and attended the Yamaga-san Party. All the Guests of Honor are there (except for Halko Momoi, she was doing her concert), and the food was great.

I leave a bit early to attend the final day of the Stage Zero Game Show, which ended with the Tournament of Champions Final Round. But I got bumped out of the Final Round even before it even started. Rumor had it there was Wii to be won - and someone did win it.

With nothing else to do, Robert aka Robo tells me that he's headed down to the karaoke room for the Gong Show. So I go and eventually I enter with "Koi no Mikuru Densetsu." Either I would wow the crowd with the ability to sing a girl's song, or I would be gonged off in 30 seconds.

Needless to say, it was the funniest 2-3 hours of FanimeCon, hands down. The whole entire time I was laughing my ass off, and when I went to perform I literally was gonged off sooner than I thought (my iPod read 50 seconds played). It was fun evening, a way to vent anger that builds during cons.

Despite the fact that I'm driving home tomorrow, I stick around the nighttime for gaming speedruns, and more of the late-night video rooms.

In order to beat the rush, I head back up to my room to pack as much as I can. The rest would have to wait until the morning.

But still, there were things to be done on Monday...

-Day 3 End-


  1. I didn't go to B&W Ball either, though for different reasons: too cold, didn't know how to dance, decided it wouldn't be worth it (BIG MISTAKE. Regretting doing stuff is better than regretting NOT doing stuff.)

    Let's go better next year.

    ~g.s. 68 from Fanime Forums

  2. I'm the one who showed you guys the slap chop rap on day zero.. lmfao.


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