Thursday, May 14, 2009

Getting Everything Together

Good news: I had the last regular day of school technically yesterday. This means all I have left is two finals - one on Tuesday and one on Wednesday. This would sort of be a problem if I had to go out of my way to run errands to pick up what I need for Fanime. I can swing by Wal-Mart for last-second things on Tuesday on my way home, but not for food and drinks since I already got that taken care of today by shopping at WinCo.

At least I have nothing Thursday except for work in the evening (probably) so I can pack everything then.

I'm debating with myself at the moment on if I should bring the video camera and tripod. I'm currently against it because I don't want to carry more than what I need, and I'm already bringing my digital camera. But I did want to provide video coverage of FanimeCon 2009...but then if I do that, then my question is "what to film?"

I've also gotten the Twitter prizes together, although really things I give away at the con will be bought from the Dealers Room. Then again who doesn't want free things from the Dealers in the Dealers Room?

I'm getting excited...but I need to focus on Finals. But at least everything is together...

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