Monday, May 18, 2009

Twitter Giveaway Repost

As we got closer, I encourage everyone to follow me on Twitter so that you can have up-to-the minute coverage, plus a chance to win free stuff!

Plz note: this "contest" is in no way afflicted with any FanimeCon event. This is being done on my own time with my own money.

Welcome to the 1st annual "Find Me @ FanimeCon and Win Free Stuff!" game!
The game is simple: you find me at FanimeCon, you win a prize!

This is how you play:
1) Go to my Twitter page and subscribe! Don't have a Twitter account? MAKE ONE!
2) During FanimeCon, I will be Tweeting at the con as part of my coverage alongside my blog. I will also be announcing times in which to find me. I might Tweet "First one to find me in the Dealers Room wins a CD" then follow up with a clue like "Pizza Butt" (meaning I'm at the Bandai booth). If you're the first one to find me, you win!
3) Prizes may vary, from plushies to CDs to quarters already inside an arcade machine. You never know what I might pull out.
4) I will be doing this once a day for the four days of the convention. You never know, I might do a Saturday one early in the morning, or early early early Monday morning.
5) ???
6) Profit!
7) Enjoy the game!

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