Thursday, May 28, 2009

FanimeCon 2009 Report: Part 3 - Saturday

Saturday at FanimeCon started very early for me - just after 7am is when I woke up, not to mention only getting four hours of sleep; then again I was expecting to get four hours of sleep. The first thing I decide to do is take some photos of registration downstairs, which I expected to be long on Saturday morning.

(The person in the last picture told me that he'd been waiting for four hours. Hey, that's how much sleep I got last night!)

After checking out the tail-end of the late night show on Stage Zero...

...I call up valet so that I can drive to Jack-in-the-Box (again) for breakfast. Yes, I did drive over to both Jack-in-the-Box and McDonalds, but hey there's in-an-out privileges for a reason. Tried their Chorizo breakfast burrito, very very good.

I head back down in time to see more Stage Zero games, including a Sailor Moon karaoke contest and more quick draw. By now, it's almost 10am, time for me to head over to the Fullmetal Alchemist gathering downstairs. Here, I see the usual folks who I've seen in the past two years as well as some new people that I haven't seen before.

10:30am hits, and I head on over to the Gundam Universe gathering. Here, I take more pictures.

There's also the Phoenix Wright gathering going on inside, so I go there to take some pictures too as well.

After that I head back up to Stage Zero and participate. I got promoted to sitting on Stage Zero after saying that the one anime that I would watch if I were stranded on an island was Dirty Pair, then I got kicked off after I spoiled the ending to Ouran High School Host Club.

I then wander to the Artist Alley wondering if the person who made our forum badges was in. It wouldn't be another couple of hours before I could pick them up, so I go back to the room to take a lunch break.

I head back down just after 12pm, in time to catch the Rock Band 2 Freestyle tournament going in on Stage Zero. I sit in for a bit and take some nice pictures.

For the next couple of hours, I go to AA and pick up my forum badge and then to Dealers Hall and the gaming room. I make a stop at the Charity Auction booth to see what's available for auction. I notice that those Yamaga-san tickets are available, with guaranteed autographs! So I put a bid for one of those alongside some other items (that eventually I didn't pick up).

Somewhere between here and going back to Stage Zero to go check out the Maid performance I got sucked into a semi-gathering of Axis Powers Hetalia. We end up back in the gaming room where we all proceeded to dance.

By the time I have a chance to go check out the Maid performance, they just got started with their program. I eventually I find front row space to take some good pictures, and guess who I find near me -

Yes, the "Queen of Akihabara," Halko Momoi, one of the guests of honor who showed up to have some fun at Stage Zero. And with her came her fanclub, the ones who were jumping up and down with the glowsticks even though it's 2pm in the afternoon. After waiting for the perfect opportunity, I go up to her, congratulate her on her performance, and give her my business card so that she can visit my blog. She takes it and I thank her, which proceeds me to get all excited because I just gave Halko Momoi my card to my blog. I really did go "OMG, OMG, OMG" as I walked off.

Back in the room, I take a 20-minute power nap that somehow turned into a half-hour power nap. By then, I've decided to go ahead with the 2nd Twitter prize giveaway, which was 10 boxes of Pocky. Tom from Traveling Valentine comes by again, and shortly after that someone approaches me claiming the prize. As the two ladies said in the end, "I'm going to be on a sugar high for a long time."

(courtesy of Traveling Valentine)

(OK, the video is no longer available. According to Tom from TV, his account was suspended over copyright infringement over cosplay, something involving Clifford. Still has the video though.)

Shortly after doing the Twitter giveaway, I walked around and took photos of cosplayers.

Back at Stage Zero, the Street Fighter IV charity event is going on. People had the chance to play against Reuben Langdon, the VA for Ken in the game, as part of the charity efforts that Fanime puts out every year. Needless to say it was pretty kick ass...

...until Keith Burgess, the VA for Akuma, comes in. Then shit gets real.

By now it's already 5pm, and the line is starting to form for the Masquerade. But remember, I'm not going. So instead, I head down with my roommate to Original Joe's go grab a pasta dinner and watch part of the Nuggets/Lakers Game 3. For what the price is, it's a huge portion and given where I'm at - FanimeCon - I need all the energy I need. We head back up to watch a bit more of the game before heading back down for the evening.

It's Day 2 of the Stage Zero Game Show, and I decide to check it out. Eventually I get pulled into it, mostly because I told the person who was picking partners that I won yesterday.

After helping my partner to salvage 2nd place, I decided to call it quits on cosplay for the evening. I roam around the place, watching a Left 4 Dead tournament, playing more Maxi Tune 3, and checking out the karaoke room. Now, I did notice a tweet from the karaoke room staff that there were English songs available, and I put down my request for Billy Idol's "White Wedding."

(That's Hank Wong, the head of the karaoke room, singing Iron Maiden)

Unforunately, I never got to sing "White Wedding" because I went to the hentai and yaoi rooms. I got mad because the yaoi room was all mushy-mushy while the hentai room actually had hentai.

By 3am, I'm ready to pass out. After all, while Saturday was big Sunday would be even bigger...

-Day 2 End-

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