Friday, May 21, 2010

AX Schedule Early Planning

So like I mentioned before, somehow, someway, the schedule for Anime Expo 2010 came out before the schedule for FanimeCon 2010 (which should be out anytime now).

Me and Ryan were looking over the schedule last night at what we wanted to do at Anime Expo 2010. Due to our SoCal Host Club Info Panel and Main Event running against some of the major cosplay gatherings, we won't be going to as many cosplay gatherings although we do have a few that we do want to attend that run later in the afternoon and into the evening which does make up for the lack of cosplay gatherings.

Early indications is that we want to catch the world premiere of the 3rd Season of Black Lagoon on Thursday before we start the SoCal Host Club stuff, because we know we don't want to miss that given how much Black Lagoon fans we are. There's also the Hetalia World Summit on Thursday, and because we won't be able to go to the gathering we thought of representing the Philippines in the summit. I also want to jump into the Texas Hold'em Tournament they're holding on our dead day.

Friday and Saturday are packed with Guest of Honor meetings and autograph sessions, both the info panel and main event, and a bunch of panels that sound interesting to us. Sunday doesn't seem to much packed, although I'm debating if I want to spend the majority of my day at the Charity Auction (and if I go, can I stay with the people who bid, because this the stakes are much higher than the FanimeCon Charity Auction).

Of course, these plans will probably change in June once they fill out the "TBAs" and we have a full sense of what's going on that weekend.

I just finished the powerpoint outline for the SoCal Host Club Info Panel, and I'll start to work on the video before Tuesday.

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