Saturday, May 22, 2010

FanimeCon Schedule Thoughts

One day after the I needed the schedule so that I can print them out at school for free, they finally come out and I'm fine with the wait.

Looking from the schedule, there are some things that I won't be able to do. Since I'm an avid Texas Hold'em player, conventions always hold tournaments and this year Fanime is having two day qualifiers on Friday and Saturday. I'm busy with the FLOW concert on Friday, so Saturday would be my bet. But if I do make it to the Final Table, that's running against the Karaoke Gong Show which I've been planning to do long before the schedule came out. So I'm skipping this tournament in favor of Anime Expo's which is on that dead day Thursday and only takes one day to do.

From the early looks of the schedule (which should be permanent unlike the AX schedule), we will be able to fit in the major events and all the cosplay gatherings we want to do, and have enough to squeeze in a panel or anime viewing or two. There are no cosplay gatherings that are running against...really anything. Also the short distance to the Marriott helps as well.


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