Friday, May 21, 2010

Thoughts on FanimeCon 2010, One Week Out

Less than a week from now, I'll be down in San Jose enjoying another year of FanimeCon. But the one thing that's scaring everyone is the weather. According to numerous forecasts, there's supposed to be rain during the whole entire con; however, I'm waiting to see the forecast at the beginning of the week (Mon/Tues) to really see what the accurate forecast is. Some are hoping it'll be on-again-off-again light showers, some are hoping that the rain won't hit downtown San Jose, and some are hoping that it'll just rain overnight. Whatever the case may be, this breaks a streak of FanimeCons where it's been hot.

If it does rain the whole weekend, it's going to put a damper on outdoor cosplay gatherings, not to mention the Ouran gathering over at the CPMS where there's not that much cover (unless they put a tarp over that area). I'm thinking that they'll probably move the gathering indoors which will kill some of the mood of having it over at the CPMS but it'll be fine with me, Ryan, and the others who are attending.

(Although there might be some rain on Day Zero)

Either than that, I'm looking forward to meeting FLOW; Ejen Chuang, the author of Cosplay In America; the whole Stage Zero cast; and all the usual people I see.

Less than a week now...

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