Friday, May 21, 2010

Once Upon a Time...

...there was a group of friends who loved anime.
"There's more people out there who love anime just as much as we do. Let's put together a show for them!" they said.
And so FanimeCon was born.
The Con grew and grew the more fans it drew.
Today, every Memorial Day weekend in San Jose, fans from all over come together to celebrate their love of all things anime.
Each fan marked by the badge they proudly wear.
So here's to you, our fans.
Let's have another great show!

- Registration Staff

*Note: This is only about half of them!

(as posted by Sen on the Fanime Forums today)
This repost is my thanks for the hard work the registration staff has done to get those together. In less than a week I will be having that same badge around me, and I can thank them for that.

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