Sunday, May 2, 2010

Excitement Hits The Air With Fanime In Near Weeks With AX Around The Corner (Plus Updates Of Ryu's Life)

Well like Matt I too am very excited to see that Fanime is coming in three weeks! Cosplays are nearly done with my Tama-Chan in production. The gatherings are set in, Matt and my schedules and I'm truly looking toward the drive from the OC up to Sacramento. Kinda pissed at the fact that I have to drive my friend and her friends to Salinas then detour to Sac but I guess that it may be worth it. Anticipating the drive up to Fanime with the trip to Japantown and San Fransisco, since I've never been and Matt has told me great things of the area.....early cosplay in the Bay? perhaps I haven't decided yet =] Truly looking forward to our Ouran gathering since the champagne *apple cider* shot was announced and that more people have shown up. I love the fact that those of us in the SoCal Host Club are being generous and having a raffle during the panel for fun prizes, on a side note I'm nervous yet excited for doing my first panel (in general) with the Host Club and that it was successfully accepted at Fanime. Budget looks good for the cons and with the help of my godmother the funds keep coming. Happy that AX is shortly after Fanime. Enthusiastic to see that the Wilshire Grand opened up since that has been my hotel of choice since AX has moved to LA in 08. Happy to see that Matt gets to go again since I've heard he hasn't gone since Anaheim of 02. Now here is where things get interesting, since my godmother is a sick woman with pancreatic cancer, she wants to move us up to Oregon before AX so we can be with the rest of the family before she goes. Since my return from Oregon a few weeks back she found a house and a lot to put it on all on the first day. Confusion strikes Matt and myself due to stated above facts that either I drive us from Oregon to Sac then LA or that if I'm still in the OC that he flies in for AX. I mean I love SoCal and all but I'm tired of the same of everything ever day and I look forward to moving up state.

Well thats all for now see you all at the cons..... Ja Nae,

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