Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Matthew's Recommendations for FanimeCon 2010

Here are some of my recommendations on what to do during FanimeCon 2010.
  • Maid Cafe - With AX getting rid of their Maid Cafe, FanimeCon is alone in the Maid Cafe category in the whole "AX vs. FanimeCon" debate. If you're going to miss AX's Maid Cafe, you might as well go to this one. Also, they will be doing live performances at Stage Zero on Saturday at 12-1pm and Sunday at 1-2pm. Last their, their solo performance slot featured Halko Momoi, so you might want to stop by if you want a chance to see her in addition to her other performances over the weekend.
  • Black and White Ball - This event is a hot event ever since it was established. I remember last year going to the Yamaga-san Party seeing the line going out the Fairmont and onto the streets. They'll be giving lessons in the SJCC Ballroom J throughout the weekend, so if you ever wanted to learn the Rumba, Foxtrot, or West Coast Swing, learn it though them. There's even going to be a florist and a professional photographer on site, and that's when you know this event is big.
  • MusicFest - Two words: FLOW, LM.C. Enough said. GO THERE.
  • Video Recommendations:
    • If you haven't had a chance to see Durarara!!, they will be airing all 19 episodes that are released so far throughout the weekend. 
    • There's also a late-night Robotech marathon in honor of Carl Macek, so at least go to part of that to pay your respects. 
    • Evangelion 1.11 You Are [Not] Alone is airing Friday at 1pm in SJCC Ballroom B and there's a Evangelion ?.?? listing on Saturday at 8am in the same spot, which my senses indicate a 2.22 You May [Not] Advance sighting given that the Blu-Ray version just came out in Japan this week. 
    • And finally, "Our Place Promised In The Early Days" airing on Stage Zero on Friday from 10-11:30pm; a fine masterpiece from Makoto Shinkai and easily one of my favorite anime movies.
  • Panel Recommendations (all over at the Marriott):
    • BlazBlue Q&A on Saturday from 12-1pm and the Guilty Gear Q&A on Sunday from 1-2pm over in Panel Room 3
    • Momoists Call Workshop on Saturday from 3-4pm over in Panel Room 3
    • Rest in Beats: Nujabes Tribute on Sunday from 5-6pm over in Panel Room 2
    • Banazi Arcade 2 on Saturday from 10-12am over in Panel Room 3
    • And of course, the SoCal Host Club Info Panel on Monday from 11am-12pm over in Panel Room 2
  • World Cosplay Summit - Yes, the prelims to find Team USA for the World Cosplay Summit is taking place at FanimeCon. If you want to see the best and brightest cosplayers competition for a chance to represent the USA over in Japan, go over to SJCC Room F from 10:30am-3pm.
  • Flying Hands Massage - They will be located near Stage Zero. From what Rob Miles told us last year, they are god-tier and having them around is one the best things to happen to FanimeCon. Yes, it costs money but from what I hear it's so worth it to get those kinks out of you after a long day at the convention.
  • Eating Recommendations:
    • Original Joes, located on the corner of E San Carlos St. and S 1st St. I've been there two of the past three FanimeCons, and they have huge portions at good prices. 
    • I also recommend Johnny Rockets on S 1st St. across from the Fairmont if you haven't been there before; a 50s-style diner with burgers, shakes, and much more; same thing applies to Peggy Sue's on Park St.
    • I heard that Pizza My Heart on West San Carlos St. and S 3rd St. & Pizz'a Chicago on W San Fernando St. and S San Pedro St. are good eats during FanimeCon.
  • And finally, some general recommendations:
    • Visit Stage Zero when you have the chance. Sit around with the Fireside Chats, be part of the FanimeCon Game Show, or watch a performance. Meet with the fine crew that makes up Stage Zero and thank them for ensuring that Stage Zero is 24/7.
    • Artists Alley
    • Arcade, eGaming, and Table Top Gaming
    • Dealers Hall
    • Cosplay Gatherings
    • Karaoke
    • Masquerade
With that, I wait one more day before heading down on Thursday...


  1. What? You didn't recomend a karaoke singer to look out for?

  2. If people want to see Momoi, stay at Stage Zero after Opening Ceremonies. The Quest for Momoi is her series of performances.


  3. AX actually got rid of their maid cafe.


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