Sunday, May 9, 2010

Train vs. Airplane to AX

While plans for FanimeCon are first priority, plans for Anime Expo aren't that far along. One thing I have to figure out is how to get down there. Now the last time I went to Los Angeles for a convention, it was Anime Los Angeles and I flew down there. It was probably an advantage since the hotel is right next to the airport, but with Anime Expo downtown Los Angeles is far from any of the four major airports: LAX, Burbank, John Wayne (Orange County), and Ontario.

However, I have figured out that maybe taking the train down to Los Angeles might be a better solution. After all, Union Station is about a 10-20 minute drive through downtown to the convention center and the hotels. I can also carry one more checked-in luggage and one more carry-on versus Southwest's policies. I'm not kidding: I'm planning to bring down three luggage, but two are full while the last one will act as my "overfill/merchandise luggage" since I'll be breaking out the money to buy at the biggest Dealer's Room and the offerings at Little Tokyo.

It's true that it takes two or three times longer to take the train than to fly, but with the extra luggage and the cheapness of a train ticket versus a plane ticket - I'm saving about $30 plus the cost of bringing extra luggage. I'm also traveling the day before and the day after, so time is not a factor for me.

It might of been Southwest for ALA, but for AX it's looking like Amtrak Ryan's moving up to Oregon the week before AX and he's picking me up the day before.

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