Saturday, May 29, 2010

Friday Recap

OK, we seriously need to crash or else our voices will be burnt out forever because we blew it all out at the FLOW CONCERT!!! IT WAS FREAKIN' EPIC!!! We did the wave while they sang their rendition of Surfin' USA, and literally they were looking at us as they tried to start the wave from out end of the hall. We also were the driving motion behind getting the encore chant going, and we pulled the impossible and got them back out for a farewell song.

This caps off a up-and-down Friday, if you want to call that. While we were expecting 50+ for the Ouran Gathering, we only have a handful of people show up. I'll keep the details for another time. Also was the Opening Ceremonies, and we got the whole entire thing recorded; we'll post that later, probably after the convention. And then there was some ID4, viral videos, and more swap swag in between.

As the video states, it's only Friday...and even if it's only Friday, this con is PROFOUND SUCCESSNESS!!!

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